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At MEKIS, we are pursuers of life’s possibilities. That’s why we design elevated menswear that makes you feel ready to take on anything. Utilising Japanese textile technology, we bring you a fresh take on high quality shirting—without the environmental impact. This way, every MEKIS shirt you put on feels like the most natural wardrobe option.

Art is in the music we sing, the stories we tell - and the clothes we make. Drawing inspiration from the wisdom and sacred ancient traditions of Asian cultures, we created MEKIS as an affordable alternative to luxurious clothing; beautiful and supportive pieces built to feel like our second nature.

We love our earth - and do not wish to see it suffer under the hands of the fashion industry. Creating sustainable clothing that reduces our carbon footprint is our priority. Coupled together with our cutting-edge fashion technology - you can also throw your shirts into the washing machine less frequently - all at no compromise to how you look, feel, and smell.

With each design human-tested and human-approved - wearing MEKIS clothing offers a transformation, uniting your mind, body and soul. Creating this transformative experience is at the heart of what we do.


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Sustainable technology

Thanks to the absorbent material, sweat or stains don’t show through—only your confidence and grit do.

Our Japanese antibacterial technology doesn’t use silver—leading to less washing for you and less waste for the planet.


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